Go free, little book

Go free, little book

Tis the eve of the release of my latest YA novel, ARGOS. Well, it’s May 10th but pretty close.

That came around fast. It seems like only yesterday when MINOTAUR was released. It was. Kind of. September, 2015. To have my second novel out with Month9books so quickly has been a bit surreal, mostly because of the punishing editing schedule.

ARGOS was originally due to be released much later but due to a certain other book being released by a certain other publisher in May, my publisher decided to bump my release date. This has meant a very quick turnaround in terms of re-writes and edits. Some of these edits have been extremely comprehensive. But at last I can breathe.

Sort of. I’ve just completed 16 blog posts for the ARGOS blog tour. This means 16 separate blogs about a range of topics relating to ARGOS. I’ve managed to fit those in during those grey, half conscious periods that inhabit the spaces between sleep and work.

I’m excited about ARGOS. It’s probably my favorite novel to date, mostly because it has been a labor of love. It’s the book I’ve always wanted to write so I hope my readers love it just as much as me.

I also graduate with my Masters in Creative Writing (1st class honours) tomorrow. That’s kinda neat, regardless of the fact that I’m not going. I’m not going because I have to work. That and I’ve already graduated once with a Masters and the gown is exactly the same as the last one I wore. Can’t really justify it, even though I want to.

My son has his first school visit next week. That’s exciting! (He says, biting his nails down to the quick). Hope he likes it as much as I do. Did. You know what I mean. It’s going to be a bit odd him going to school with me. I’ll have to juggle my Daddy and Teacher hats. His classroom is actually just opposite mine.

I took young Jack to see Zootopia. Cool. And clever. Cool and clever. It’s always a pleasure to watch an animated movie that has enough meat and humor to keep an adult entertained. That’s clever film making, that is.

I still haven’t seen Batman vs Superman. I want to see it, even though the reviews have been terrible. Reviewers don’t know everything (do you see what I’m doing here?). I haven’t even seen Deadpool even though the movie was basically written for me.

The new season of GoT has started and I’m enjoying it just as much as I anticipated. Good times. I’ve also got Silicon Valley and the new season of Inside Amy Schumer to look forward to. Suddenly, my world of TV watching, limited of late, has opened up to a surplus of entertainment. I’m not complaining.

I’ve just finished my ninth novel, EARTHBORN. EARTHBORN is the sequel to the novel I wrote for my Masters last year (TITAN). TITAN is with my agent and EARTHBORN needs a vigorous kicking to get it into shape. And I will get it into shape, regardless of how EARTHBORN feels about the process. It’s just going to have to suck it up and endure the punishment.

But after that, I’m taking a break from novel writing for the rest of the year. My son will be home for the holidays now and I want to spend more time with him. Usually, I write in the holidays. But I deserve a break. I feel sucked dry of inspiration and motivation. I need some time to recharge and regroup, to come up with ideas, to reinvigorate. I find ideas usually come when I am most relaxed.

So, here’s to the release of ARGOS.  Go free, my little creation. They say that if you love something, you should set it free. So that’s what I’m doing. Off you go into the world my little booky wook. Enjoy your new-found freedom. Embrace your readers. Love them and they will love you back.

Be all that you can be.


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